Ash's Strongest Link Nunchucks Heirloom Battle Royale 3D Printed Prop Toy Fan Art

If you need this by a specific date, please lemme know and I will do my best to make it happen :)

This is a completely unique 3d model made by Senpai3D for Senpai3D

The “unpainted” option comes as a completely white, assembled kit print for sanding, gap-filling, and painting to be done by you!

This is an entirely hand-painted, full-scale 3d printed prop inspired by the heirloom wielded by the incisive instigator, Ash. There are two forms available for each of the ends of the nunchucks; with or without the bladed ends. With the bladed version, the rod has a total length of 25.5 inches while the non-bladed version has a length of 17 inches. They are tethered together by a flexible decorated cord that is 5-6 inches long to allow for ample amount of elastic movements. Please be aware that the blades will be rounded off for the sake of safety and I wouldn't recommend hitting things with these (no matter how tempting it may be to swing them around) to avoid damaging the item, others and yourself. It is super lightweight as well so it's easy to carry around at conventions while looking absolutely awesome. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the game and the character!

Note: This may smell like paint initially after being opened from the shipment packaging but this will quickly dissipate

--Legal Notice--
**This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered FAN ART, the item is 3D Printed and assembled by me. Fan Art is protected under Fair Use. If you have any concerns, please contact me before placing any reports with Etsy.**
**This product never must be considered as an official merchandise. **
**I do not claim any ownership of the items design and this model is a handmade replica made specifically for cosplay and entertainment purposes.**