Sakura Blossom Tumbler Band Accessory Custom 3D Printed & Hand-Painted

Elevate your hydration experience with this customizable accessory band that's perfect for your favorite Tumblers. The current options are for the 40oz models of the Stanley and the Owala Tumbler but if you want a different size, just let me know and I will scale it for no extra cost! Expertly designed and meticulously hand-painted, this 3D printed band features the delicate beauty of sakura flowers, adding a touch of elegance and personal style to your daily routine.

This ultra light-weight band clasps securely around the body of your tumbler with a snug fit that complements the sleek design of your drinkware. Not only does this accessory add a flourish of uniqueness to your tumbler, it's personalized conversation starter to show off your unique taste. Whether you're at the office, gym, or enjoying the outdoors, this Sakura Band will enhance the look of your tumbler above the rest.

This is a completely unique 3d model made by Senpai3D for Senpai3D

THIS IS NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. So please make sure to remove it before you go to clean your tumbler.

Tumblers seen in photos are not included, this is exclusively for purchasing the accessory