Animal Crossing Island Nintendo Switch Dock 3D Print New Horizons Fan Art


If you would like this customized further beyond the options I offer, I am more than happy to help! Want there to be all sakura trees? Or peaches instead of apples? A custom colored tent? I can do all of that! Just send me a message and I can make it happen <3

Thank you so much to Ryan Craddock for the awesome article about my item <3:

This is an entirely 3d printed version of the Island from game that works as a TV dock for the Switch. Every season is an option to select between to give off its own unique look from the game! Decorated on every angle so it can be positioned and re-positioned to show the beach, trees and accessories. This is made from ABS plastic so it is very durable. I can get this shipped out to you super fast for those last minute gifts! Custom painted foam pads are also added to the backs of the trees in order to protect the switch screen from any form of marking! Every dock comes with the extender cable necessary to connect the switch to the stock dock and then the tv. This does not come with the original dock or the switch or the amiibo figure.

*If you want this as a solid prop without the dock feature, just let me know and I can make that without any issue*

Note: This may smell like paint initially after being opened from the shipment packaging but this will quickly dissipate

This is a completely unique 3d model made by Senpai3D for Senpai3D

--Legal Notice--
**This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered FAN ART, the item is 3D Printed and assembled by me. Fan Art is protected under Fair Use. If you have any concerns, please contact me before placing any reports with Etsy.**
**This product never must be considered as an official merchandise. **
**I do not claim any ownership of the island design and this model is a handmade replica made specifically for cosplay and entertainment purposes.**