Horizon's Heirloom Gravity Maw War Mace Battle Royale 3D Printed Prop Toy Fan Art


If you need this by a specific date, please lemme know and I will do my best to make it happen :)

This is a completely unique 3d model made by Senpai3D for Senpai3D

The “unpainted” option comes as a completely white, assembled kit print for sanding, gap-filling, and painting to be done by you!

"Violence for science!" This is a 3d printed & full-scale replica of the epic new melee weapon wielded by none other than the gravitational manipulator herself, Horizon. Featuring a wonderfully unique & futuristic design, this handmade model has an 18.5 inch long handle with interchangeable heads to replicate the two forms that the weapon takes. The "Open Head" form adds 7.5 inches of overall length when attached to the handle and features a black sphere core with clear acrylic rods connected to the 11 spikes. This is to simulate the orbiting/floating effect that the idle version of the heirloom in game displays. The "Closed Head" version is condensed down to have all the spikes connected like when the item is being swung; this form adds 6 inches to the overall length when connected to the handle. Each component is meticulously hand painted to capture the intricate details of the original design as closely as possible. Whether you are a fan of the game looking for a physical collectable, a cosplayer looking to capture the character, or a friend of someone who is either/both, this is an excellent item for purchase or gifting!

Note: This may smell like paint initially after being opened from the shipment packaging but this will quickly dissipate

--Legal Notice--
**This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered FAN ART, the item is 3D Printed and assembled by me. Fan Art is protected under Fair Use. If you have any concerns, please contact me before placing any reports.**
**This product never must be considered as an official merchandise. **
**I do not claim any ownership of the items design and this model is a handmade replica made specifically for cosplay and entertainment purposes.**